Plymouth Dance Film Friday Arron Fitzpatrick

Our week 4 #pdfilmfriday is our film that tracks the U.Dance 2015 journey of one of Plymouths best loved young dancers Aaron Fitzpatrick. Aaron has been dancing with Wheelfever for 5 years and got to live his dream when he performed with them on the Theatre Royal stage this year as part of U.Dance 2015.

Image by Kevin Clifford

Image by Kevin Clifford

Watch Aarons story here:

Interning with Plymouth Dance

Hi my name’s Sophie Northmore and I have just started my internship with Plymouth Dance.

Sophie NorthmoreI’m 23 years old originally from Ivybridge near Plymouth, I have recently returned after moving to London to train in dance at The London Studio Centre and Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance. I graduated in 2014 and went on to completed a dance contract in Paris before moving to Australia to work as a freelance dance artist, teacher and to explore the country.

Returning6 to Plymouth I am looking forward to gaining further skills in dance production and management. Alongside my internship I am working as a freelance dance artist, teaching a variety of dance techniques, gymnastics and acrobatics as well as yoga after gaining my qualification in Bali.

It has been an exciting week meeting all the staff here at Plymouth Dance with meetings and preparation for the upcoming months. With lots of events, workshops and dance pieces in the line up it will be a great couple of months to develop within dance production.


Screen Shot So Far

Today I had a meeting with Fotonow to start formatting the photos ready to put them together for the screens around Plymouth. We had already picked 6 images from two of four collections so we started by duplicate the photos and putting them in order then we resized the images and cropped them to fit with each screen size we the also pick 6 more images for one of the other collections and also put them together with the other and resize them too. We also add title slides and created a master slide that had all the logos of the other parties that are involved in creating the exhibition.

Image of Tammy and Rachel by Fotonow

Image of Tammy and Rachel by Fotonow

We now need to pick 6 photos from the last collection and then resize them and put them together in the slide show along with the title slide and we need to add the credits to each collection. Then we need to send the slide show of to each of the organisation that is working with us to get their approval before we send it to the screens around Plymouth.

Tammy Mildren

Screen Shots is Live!

Screen Shots is a digital photo exhibition that is will be displayed throughout July as part of U.Dance 2015, the National Youth Dance Festival.

Curated by Plymouth Dance volunteers Tammy Mildren and Rachel Priest as part of their silver Arts Award, with support from Fotonow, Screen Shots is a collection of 4 dance photographic exhibitions commissioned by Youth Dance England, Plymouth Dance and People Dancing featuring images by photographers Kevin Clifford, Sean Goldthorpe and Brian Slater. The photos will be show on screens around Plymouth highlighting the incredible young dancers from Plymouth and beyond.

DIRTY DANCING Professional dancers Welly O’Brien and Mickael Marso Riviere create an adaptation of the famous lift from the film Dirty Dancing.  Photographer Sean Goldthorpe

Professional dancers Welly O’Brien and Mickael Marso Riviere create an adaptation of the famous lift from the film Dirty Dancing.
Photographer Sean Goldthorpe

11 Million Reasons

With funding from Unlimited Impact, People Dancing commissioned emerging disabled photographer, Sean Goldthorpe to create 20 high quality images inspired by iconic dance moments in film. This exhibitions features 6 of the 20 powerful, emotive, and humorous images – many with a subtle but relevant message – Deaf and disabled people are centre stage, re-imagining iconic roles from well-known and loved films from a diversity of genres. The aim of the work is to change perceptions around Deaf and disabled people who participate in dance, and act as a resource and inspiration to Deaf and disabled people who dance already, and those who would like to dance in the future.

Blue Arrows Image by Kevin Clifford

Blue Arrows
Image by Kevin Clifford

Blue Arrows

Was the first set of iconic images commissioned by Youth Dance England in partnership with Plymouth Dance to celebrate the national festival coming to Plymouth. Blue Arrows by photographer Kevin Clifford captures the vibrancy and energy of a selection of youth dancers from across the city flying through the air against the iconic backdrop of Plymouth Hoe and The Barbican.

Shadows and Shapes  Image by Kevin Clifford

Shadows and Shapes
Image by Kevin Clifford

Shadows and Shapes

Is the second set of images by Kevin Clifford commissioned by Youth Dance England with Plymouth Dance. Shadows and shapes features young dancers showing their individual style of dance in the unmistakable grounds of Royal William Yard. This section was named this because of the way the dancers are moving in the photos and the shapes they make with their bodies and the shadows that are created through this.

U.Dance Over the Years Image by Brian Slater

U.Dance Over the Years
Image by Brian Slater

U.Dance Over the Years

Commissioned by Youth Dance England U.Dance Over The Years is a selection of images of images by Brian Slater which captures some of the talented young dancers who have taken part in U.Dance over the past 9 years.

To view the online exhibitions please click > Screen Shots Digital Dance Photo Exhibition

The exhibition will be shown throughout July at The Barbican Theatre, The Big Screen, The House and Plymouth City Councils One Stop Shop and best of all… it’s absolutely free!

Tammy and Rachel

Schools Tour

ADAPT Image by Claire Summers

Image by Claire Summers

Exim’s Youth Dance Company ADAPT had a fantastic time as part of the U.Dance 2015 Schools Tour. ADAPT were commissioned to create a piece of dance based on World War One, a subject that really ignited the groups imagination as many had studied it at school. We trouped to the museum to remind ourselves of the effect the war had on the areas the group had grown up in and from there they came up with a theme of how relationships were torn apart or cemented during the war and particularly the white feather of cowardice.

The tour itself was a roaring success, ADAPT love to perform and it was exciting to have the opportunity to do so on almost a weekly basis, in all corners of the city to some packed out audiences! The piece transformed throughout the tour and we are ready and raring for Dance PLYMOUTH Dance at the Theatre Royal on the 25th of July.

Jade Pool

Exim Dance Company General Manager

The Plymouth Dance Schools Tour featured performances from the following groups:

Company b, Company j, South Dance Company, Wheelfever Projects, Aaron Fitzpatrick, ADAPT, Street Factory and Youth Dance Academy.

Plymouth Dance Youth Schools Tour Images below by Andrew Clarke

Have you got your ticket to Dance PLYMOUTH Dance yet?

DPD Poster

Have you seen Aaron or Larissa? 

It’s July! Which means only one thing… U.Dance 2015 is happening in Plymouth THIS MONTH! 

You will start to see our poster boy (Aaron) and girl (Larissa) popping up all over town to help promote the festival. So if you see them then take a picture and give us a tweet @plymouthdance with the #udance2015 #udancebythesea 

And don’t forget to get yourself some tickets to come and watch some of the most talented young dancers in the city performing 23-25th July. 

Claire summers

U.Dance 2015 Local project coordinator   


Introduction to my silver arts award

Hello my name is Tammy and I’m 18 years old. I am currently doing my silver arts award with Plymouth Dance and Exim Dance Company.


Image by Claire Summers of Tammy performing with ADAPT on the Plymouth Dance Schools Tour

For those of you that don’t know what he silver arts award is it is a level 2 qualification and it has two units that you need to complete. Unit 1 is all about arts practice and unit 2 is all about arts leadership.
The silver arts award involves achieving an arts challenge as well as reviewing arts events and researching about an artist to write about and art organisations as well. It also involves delivering an arts leadership project with other people. The whole award should take around 60 hours to complete.
As part of my arts award I needed to choose an arts challenge which mean mangling and delivering an arts event and I have chosen to organise and deliver a digital photography exhibition this is called screen shots.

Udance-13 (1)

Image from The Blue Arrows digital exhibition Photo by Kevin Clifford

Screen shots is a photo exhibition which exhibit photos of young dancers around Plymouth to show the incredible talent these young dancers have in the city. The exhibition will be shown as part of 2015 and goes live very soon, so look out for more information over the next few days!

Tammy Mildren – Plymouth Dance Volunteer

Review: Limbo – By Tammy Mildren

Photographer: Lloyd Russell

Photographer: Lloyd Russell

Limbo was an explosive dance piece that was choreographed and performed by the Plymouth University first year dance students. This was performed in a brand new state of the art theatre facility called The House. The piece was about chasing your dreams and overcoming the potential barriers.

My expectations before watching the piece was that it would be a slow pace performance with lots of levels and lifts that were transitioned between smoothly and beautifully. I also imagined the performers to be professional and mature in their style of dancing, using their body and expressions to tell the story. I also expected them to show the audience how they can work holistically with each other to include various styles of dance and include a range of acrobatic and gymnastics elements as this add power and meaning to the piece.

Photographer: Lloyd Russell

Photographer: Lloyd Russell

Limbo was a very mature action packed explosive dance piece that included different styles of dance like contemporary and hip hop and this gave the piece an edge to it. The dancer included lots of lifts and counter balances that varied in difficulty. This showed the incredible bond and the trust the dancers have between each other, this gave to piece a professional look to it. The piece told a clear story and the movements were very clear and effective and this helped the audience to visualise the story and this gave the piece a clear meaning. The performance had a constant theme to piece and all the movements linked very well into this.

The dancer’s costumes were very bright and colourful which gave the piece a happy feel to it and all the dancers were well presented and prepared and the movements were crisp as they travelled through the spaces they used creativity and professionalism because they worked with a Varity of dancers and you could see the individual personalities.

The only negative I had was the lighting at time let the performance down as the piece was quite dark and I struggled to see a lot of the spectacular lifts and this not only let the piece down this also let the dancers down as a whole as it was clear that the dancers had worked really hard and the piece and had clearly put a lot of time and effort into perfecting the piece. Overall the piece was a spectacular performance and incredible and very professional piece for first year dancers that made the audience come alive and question themselves and their own life goals and dreams. I would defiantly come and see future performances.

Tammy Mildren is part of the Plymouth Dance Volunteer team and working towards her silver arts award.