CPD Dance Card Deadline 1st July

Are you a dance artist based in Cornwall, Plymouth or Devon?

Get your CPD Dance Card

The CPD Dance Card aims to open up opportunities for individuals working in the dance sector in Cornwall, Plymouth or Devon to attend training and continuing professional development events.

You may apply at any stage in your career for opportunities which:

  • Offer you the opportunity to enhance your professional and personal development
  • Offer you a specific, high quality opportunity for career development
  • Assist you to continue to pursue a career in dance from a base in Cornwall, Plymouth or Devon
  • Enable you to bring back your enhanced skills to the dance community in Cornwall, Plymouth or Devon
  • Take place anywhere in the world



  • Your professional base must be primarily in either Cornwall, Plymouth or Devon
  • The maximum available award is £250 and your award will be up to 75% of your overall costs
  • You can receive only one award in any 12 month period
  • We ask that you provide a brief report following your training or skills development activity and a proportion of your award will be retained until this is received


Application process:

Please write and tell us about the professional development opportunity you would like to take part in including the course title or outline of the opportunity, dates and location. You may also attach web links. Please explain why it is important to you to undertake this training at this point in your career and how you will share your experiences with the wider dance community in Cornwall, Plymouth and/or Devon.  Maximum 500 words


Please attach your CV and you may include other information to support your application. You should also include a budget showing all expenditure & income including costing in your time where appropriate.

 Please submit your application to your regional dance agency by email;

kiki@hallforcornwall.org.uk  claire.summers@plymouthdance.org.uk info@danceindevon.org.uk


The deadline for applications is 1st July2016

PLEASE NOTE Grants will not be awarded retrospectively. If successful you will need to be in a position to fund the costs in the first instance; awards will be paid on receipt of an invoice and within 30 days. Decisions are entirely at the discretion of The Hall for Cornwall, Plymouth Dance & Dance in Devon, and are not negotiable.

CPD Dance Card: examples of recent successful applications


Who: Claire Summers, Artistic Director of Exim Dance Company and Freelance Practitioner and Project Coordinator with Plymouth Dance.


What: Claire received £250 funding towards her expenses so she could travel to Seattle to participate in and present at the University of Washington Integrated Dance Summer Intensive.



Course Fee                                                                 Free as presenting

Flights                                                                         £900

Accommodation (7 nights)                                          £200

Food                                                                            £120

My time (@£25ph)                                                      £750

Total Cost                                                                  £1970 


Claire’s evaluation of the experience:

Being on the course has already had a great impact on my practice and since returning from Seattle I have been trying to embed the principles of adaptive technique into my classes. In addition to the practical skills I developed it was also a fantastic opportunity to network with an international group of dancers and as I was speaking at the conference I was able to talk about and being awareness to the pioneering work being done in Plymouth in inclusive dance.


Who: Emily Dobson, Artistic Director of Freefall Dance, lecturer in Dance at Falmouth University and freelance practitioner.


What: Emily received £250 to take professional class in London for 7 days at The Place and Greenwich Dance.



Cost of classes (£4 per class min of 2 per day)        £52

Travel to London                                                         £80

Accommodation                                                          £200

Food (£12 Per Diems per day)                                   £84

My time (@£25ph)                                                      £700

Total cost                                                                  £1116


Emily’s Evaluation of the experience:

Through my work as co-leader of Freefall Dance I deliver classes to dancers in training, teachers, community practitioners, professional dancers and create choreography also. This CPD opportunity is vital in feeding me with new ideas that I then feed into my work; inspiring a whole new generation of ideas formed by the participants that I teach. The work also inspires dancers, knowing that I have recently trained myself with teachers who work worldwide.


Who: Jane Castree


What: Jane received £250 towards mentoring support from an established artist.



Mentor fee                                                                   £250

Travel                                                                          £24

My time (@£25ph)                                                      £700

Total                                                                           £974


Jane’s evaluation of her experience:

The mentoring support I received from this artist has been vital to me at this point in my career. Over the past 12 months I have been focusing on my choreographic practice, which has resulted in completing a research and development period, Making Space, in association with Dance in Devon, Beaford Arts Centre and The Northcott Theatre. Jane has since gone on to establish Jane Castree Dance Collaborations and is currently on a UK tour.