Tea Dance With A Twist!

Recently Plymouth Dance hosted their first Tea Dance With A Twist! in the Plymouth Guildhall, I was the Front of House coordinator so i was going to be one of the first faces that the public would see. To say I was nervous was an understatement because i had never done anything like this before; especially since the whole of the Plymouth Dance team had been working on this for so long.

IMG_9062I was responsible (along with two other volunteers) for greeting the public, writing their details down and putting them on our mailing list; it was really interesting finding out how the public had found out about the Tea Dances. A lot of people found out via the Plymouth magazine or simply by word of mouth so it was really good to know that people had been talking about it and decided to come along.

We started to set up the Guildhall in the morning and when all the decorations were up it felt so real and it was all finally happening. The postbox i had was painted and ready for people’s feedback, the song request cards were all set and the band and the dancers were excited to go. It was all finally happening after months and months of preparations.

The nerves were starting to set in for a lot of us and we were just waiting for the doors to open.

This was the first big event that i had helped PD with and it was amazing to see it all unfold right in front of me. Everyone had an amazing time and the music and dancing was amazing to be a part of…I couldn’t stop myself from dancing! The atmosphere of the whole event was incredible and i was told more than once what an amazing time people were having.

IMG_9093The Lyons Monocle was providing tea, coffee and cakes to the public and I really wish I had one of those cakes now because they looked amazing and people were so happy that they could enjoy a nice cup of tea and then go and watch some dancing.


There were so many lovely people in the Guildhall that day and we heard nearly all of their stories. It made me proud to know that we were doing something for the public and that were loving every minute, they asked for it to last longer and for there to be a Tea Dance every month. Reading the feedback that some people gave us made me so happy and it felt like we were making a difference:

‘Just the thing Plymouth needs – people having fun.’

Tea Dance-19

Image by Kevin Clifford

All of our hard work paid off and we have been given even more ideas from the public for our next Tea Dance on the 16th July. The whole of the PD team had an amazing time and the dancers worked so hard to make everything enjoyable.

Hopefully there will be even more people that can come and join in and have an amazing time with tea, coffee, cake and dancing at our next Tea Dance With A Twist!




Hannah Rhimes

Plymouth Dance Apprentice


Hannah Rimes: Half Way Point in Apprenticeship


I’m Hannah and I’m currently the Apprentice for Plymouth Dance.

10405445_10205412420929069_8575037155527716086_nBefore joining the Plymouth Dance team, I studied Dance at City College Plymouth and I had been dancing for a long time before as well so dancing was a very important part of my life.

I already knew a little bit about Plymouth Dance and what they did but when I started working for them it truly opened my eyes as to how much goes into an organisation like this.

I am currently half way through my apprenticeship and this is the best experience I have ever had in a job before.

I wouldn’t say that I was an Administrator as that isn’t all I do, I have been given the opportunities to participate in important projects, socialise with important people and build relationships with lots of people that I would never have met if I wasn’t for PD. There have been amazing training opportunities and incredible performances and workshops that I have been able to go to and help with. Sometimes I get a bit star struck when I meet certain people!

I have gained more skills and experienced more in the past 6 months than I have in my entire life. As well as working with PD, I have been working closely with Exim Dance Company and helping them with events and going to their classes. Teaching dance is something I’ve always wanted to do and just watching how they work has inspired me to push for that even more but to be honest, I don’t think I’d be able to part myself from my job at Plymouth Dance. Being in an office full of amazing people who are so open and brighten up your day really does make this job the best job I’ve had.

I’ve learned so much during my first 6 months and I’m sure that I have a lot more to learn and more amazing things to experience in the next half of my apprenticeship.


PD Apprentice