Charlotte Potts – Plymouth Dance Volunteering

charlotte potts

Being in my final year of my dance degree at City College Plymouth, I have started to explore potential careers within the dance industry that I am interested in pursuing further. I have recently finished a work experience placement with Plymouth Dance, in which I was involved in the setting up and launch of Plymouth Youth Dance Company. In all honesty, I had never really considered Arts administration before my placement, however it is an avenue I am interested in exploring further once I have completed my degree.


Throughout the course of the project, I have worked closely with both June and Kaitlyn and this has enabled me to build upon and gain invaluable knowledge that involves transferable skills to help me in the future, an example of this being the components that make up professional emails. As I have always considered setting up my own company, my experiences have meant that I now understand the process much better, especially when it comes to the publicity and promotional aspect, as I was in charge of the advertising on Plymouth Dance’s Instagram page. Looking at other logistics of the company involved me being aware of all of the policies e.g. Data Protection and so I was able to gain a better understanding of the legislative side as well, again enabling me to deepen and consolidate my knowledge on this. 


The audition itself was honestly such an amazing experience as I was able to sit on the panel and this meant that I had been a part of the process from beginning to end. Observing both the technique class and creative session meant that I was also able to build upon my teaching knowledge through observing industry professionals and the way in which they work and so this was very beneficial for me. In terms of what I have learnt throughout this process, I have been able to work on my organisation and time management skills, as well as the way in which I communicate with different groups of people. In addition to this, I have a better understanding of looking at budget and expenditure spreadsheets and how they are worked out. The audition as a whole enabled me to learn about the way in which it works from a panel member’s perspective and how to effectively give constructive feedback. I had to regularly compile forms for applications and registration and so on and this meant that I am now aware of what information is required. 


I am so grateful for the opportunity to work so closely with June and Kaitlyn on such a worthwhile and rewarding project and I am hoping to still be involved with the Plymouth Youth Dance Company. 




Charlotte Potts

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