Who are Plymouth Dance?

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So, who are the Plymouth Dance team?

We currently have 5 Directors: Adam Benjamin, Jules Laville, Maryam Pourian, Tim Tod and Kane John Mills.

The Directors meet 3 to 4 times a year and the Directors meet additionally to discuss and make specific financial or strategic decisions.

The Plymouth Dance Management Team is led by myself as Coordinating Producer and the team expands and contracts, depending on the number of projects that we are working on. So, currently, Kaitlyn Howlett, Chloe Brown and Martha Scholefield are Project Coordinators, Laura Henry is the Corporate Development Coordinator. We all work on a freelance basis and work part time (varying from 1 day a month to 3 days a week).

What does Plymouth Dance do?


To engage people and communities within Plymouth with the transformational power of dance.

Mission statement

Plymouth Dance aims to connect, create and celebrate dance in the City by delivering citywide partnership projects that use dance as a vehicle for individual, cultural, organisational and social change.

The 2 strategic areas of development are currently:

  • Education & Engagement (including Dance & Health)
  • Professional Development (Capacity Building)

We create and deliver the most exciting, innovative and accessible dance offer for our community. So many people don’t have access to the transformational benefits of dance as part of their everyday life: such as the freedom to create; the opportunity to improve mental, physical and emotional health and well-being, whilst decreasing social isolation and exclusion. We know that it’s vital that more people and communities have opportunities to watch, be part of and perform dance.


Current Projects

Tea Dances with a Twist!

Between June 2016 and September 2019, we will have delivered 28 ‘Tea Dance with a Twist!’ events at the iconic civic building, Plymouth Guildhall and 5 events for and at Drake’s Circus Shopping Centre, Tavistock Town Hall, Plymouth Indoor Market, Westward Housing and RESPECT Festival 2018.

TDT is an intergenerational, inclusive dance and social event that is primarily for participants over 50 and accessible for people who are in a wheelchair and/or living with Autism, Dementia, Alzheimers or Parkinsons.

TDT aims to deliver a regular fun, social dance event that enables attenders to improve their physical and mental health and wellbeing, whilst decreasing loneliness, social isolation and social exclusion.

At each event, an average of 110 people attend (maximum number 142) with an age range of between 3.5 weeks and 104 years of age, 30% being male and 25% being veterans, carers and/or dependents of veterans. Currently, we have a register of 935+.

TDT is currently funded by Arts Council England, Plymouth City Council Crowdfunder, Devon Community Foundation, local Councillors Community Grants and Tesco Bags for Help, with support in kind from Plymouth CityBus and Cornish Tea.


Nancy Astor Tea Dance with a Twist! on The Hoe

On Sunday, 26th May 2019, between 1.00pm and 4.00pm, there will be live music provided by The Drat Pack and dancing, led by the Plymouth Dance Tea Dance with a Twist! dancers and volunteers.

The event has been commissioned to celebrate the successful fundraising campaign for the creation and erection of a statue of Nancy Astor, the first female MP to take her seat in Parliament in 1919.

“The people of Plymouth have danced during the darkest days of war. They will dance here again in peace on a Hoe which overlooks a city which has been planned for them, for a wider, freer, healthier, and more prosperous life.”  Waldorf Astor


BITESIZED Tea Dances with a Twist! in care homes and residential settings

We have been awarded a National Lottery Community Grant for an 8 month dance project in 10 care homes and residential settings that will provide residents, staff, friends and family with the opportunity to connect with others, participate in fun, accessible sessions and improve their mental, physical and emotional health and well-being, within a friendly environment.


Plymouth Dance Volunteer Training Programme

The programme exists to offer people in the city the chance to access a wide range of training and skill sharing opportunities and build a skill-set relevant for work within the arts.

Through volunteering with Plymouth Dance you can:

  • Get involved in arts based projects and events
  • Attend training delivered by specialists within the arts
  • Develop your skills and interests through our volunteering opportunities
  • Gain references and a certificate recognizing the time you have given

For more information, please email volunteering@plymouthdance.org.uk


International Inclusive Dance Summer Intensive with Adam Benjamin

We are excited to be presenting the third week long International Inclusive Summer Intensive with renowned dance maker Adam Benjamin. Hosted by Plymouth Dance and supported by Dance in Devon, this year, the Summer Intensive will be at the University of Exeter.


Plymouth Dance Membership Scheme

Membership Schemehttps://membermojo.co.uk/plymouthdance.

Plymouth Dance has four memberships available, ranging from £1 to £6 a month:

  • Tier 1– Social Media Only (Facebook, Twitter and Mailchimp detailing dance opportunities)
  • Tier 2 – Social Media, 20% discount on workshops and one meeting with a member of Plymouth Dance/ June Gamble; regarding career/project development/G4A.
  • Tier 3– Social Media, 20% discount on workshops and two meetings with a member of Plymouth Dance/ June Gamble; regarding career/project development/G4A.
  • Student– Social Media Only (Free or discounted student places for masterclasses and workshops that occur at Plymouth University are already in place separate from this membership.)


For more information regarding Plymouth Dance, please visit www.plymouthdance.org.uk or email admin@plymouthdance.org.uk

The Plymouth Dance Business Plan and other reports can be found on http://www.plymouthdance.org.uk/about-us

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