Meet the Team – Stacey Fowler

Stacey TDT.jpg

I have worked on Tea Dance With A Twist! since the very first event in 2016, first as a student practitioner and then as a trainee practitioner. I have thoroughly enjoyed, learned, progressed and being inspired from every single event. 

I look forward to Tea Dance With A Twist! every month because no two events are the same and neither are the people you’ll meet, mingle and dance with. The intergenerational community event is a live dance and music Tea Dance aimed for the over 50s. It is a lovely feeling leaving the Guildhall at the end of a Saturday knowing people have danced, sung, laughed and enjoyed some new company; involving themselves in a very unique and fun event with a welcoming atmosphere. 

I have personally gained so much from Tea Dance With A Twist! over the last 3 years. Not only have I gained qualifications and training in ‘Dance for Dementia’ and ‘Dance for Parkinson’s’ but I have progressed in my social dance community practice from a University student to a full-time dance community practitioner. The event facilitates for a range of ages and a range of abilities such as: people with Alzheimer’s Dementia, Autism, Parkinson’s, wheelchair users and physical disabilities. My experience and understanding of enabling dance and social opportunities to all ages and abilities is constantly progressing and developing, all thanks to Plymouth Dance and Tea Dance With A Twist! Tea Dance has been a big part of my progression as a dance artist.

The wellbeing and happy hormones ignite amongst participants, practitioners, volunteers and musicians throughout this wonderful event. There is no better feeling than seeing returning and new community members smiling through dance each month.

Stacey Fowler

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