Meet the Team – Lucy Freeman

Lucy TDT!.jpg


My name is Lucy and I am one of the lead practitioners for Tea Dance with a Twist!. My role includes greeting people, dancing and at times teaching short phrases that our guests can learn and try out. Most of the time, I feel my role is a lot about about having fun and facilitating a safe and enjoyable environment for those attending the events!

It is an immense pleasure to meet and welcome people who are attending their first Tea Dance with a Twist!, as well as build friendships with those who become regulars. Something I hear often in chatting to our guests is that the Tea Dance events offer a place to be social where previously they might have felt increasingly isolated or lonely. I love being able to spend time with people and hear about their stories. So often a song, a dance or a piece of music inspires memories for our guests and they are fascinating to hear about, and I feel grateful to have been able to share so many of these moments.

Building these trusting relationships is not just an absolute pleasure, but also a crucial part of our role. During his earlier events, one gentleman felt nervous to dance without his stick but was itching to take the floor and enjoy the music. Together we established a pace that worked for him, and these days his stick is nowhere to be seen (and his first dance is usually reserved for me!).

I can’t leave Tea Dance without a huge smile on my face, and seeing smiles on so many other people’s faces is even better! I hope to see you at an event soon! 


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