Meet the Team – Karen Parkinson

Karen Parkinson – Lead Dance Practitioner at Tea Dance with a Twist!

tea dance-12

Photography Credit: Kevin Clifford

I have been fortunate to have worked as a Dance Practitioner at the Tea Dance with A Twist! events since 2016. Tea Dance with a Twist! is my favourite day of the month! Every event is wonderfully unique, offering different dances, different people and different opportunities to learn. There are many people who return on a very regular basis, allowing friendships to form and loneliness to be combatted. I am so very lucky to have met some incredible people both on and off the dance floor. I have witnessed people coming in nervously on their first visit; not knowing what to expect, whether they are dressed appropriately or where to sit…then (as always happens) they are greeted by another lover of dance; maybe a volunteer, a member of the Plymouth Dance team or the person stood closest to them…and they realise they are welcome.

There are no rules, no expectations or requirements. Everyone is welcome.

A joyous environment where you can listen, watch, talk, laugh, dance with another, dance on your own, dance with friends or strangers.

I know of many people who have come to their first event alone, often feeling lonely and isolated. At subsequent events they have met with the people they have spoken to when they first walked through the door. This had led to friendships, meeting up not only at the Tea Dance with a Twist events but also for line dancing, badminton and walks. Promoting not only companionships and community but also improving lives through better health, increased physical activity, increased mobility and independence.

Tea Dance with a Twist! has also increased my confidence, in both myself and my ability to connect, facilitate dance and engage those around me. I am so very grateful for the opportunity to be involved with such a wonderful, positive and life changing event. Thank you.


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