Tea Dance With a Twist | Meet Student Practitioner Stacey Fowler

My name is Stacey Fowler, I am one of the Student Practitioner’s on the Tea Dance team and I am also a 3rd year Dance Theatre student at Plymouth University, originally from Templecombe in Somerset.

Working on the Tea Dance with a Twist event with the Twister’s team over the last 3 events has not just been a blast but also a privilege and I have learned so much and gained a huge amount of experience and memories.

tea-dance-08It is an absolute pleasure being involved in the event as it aims to give a social opportunity for the over 50’s age category as well as being an intergenerational social event for families and people of all ages. What makes Tea Dance with a Twist! such a special and memorable time is that is has something for everyone; whether you want to have a dance, listen to a variety of great live music from different bands, have a cup of tea and a slice of cake, take an interest in the many independent living stalls or just a chat with a friend or somebody completely new!

One aspect of being a part of such an amazing event is meeting people of all walks of life. It is lovely to have a dance and a chat with someone you have never met before, and although I am in dance training currently, being taught basic steps of traditional styles such as the waltz, jive, quickstep etc in the space of one or two live songs by a partner in the crowd who has a lot more knowledge about ballroom dance is an amazing feeling of warmth and shared learning.


Meeting new people who share a passion for a good dance and good music will definitely be one of my highlights from the past 3 events. However, one of my most treasured highlights will be from a lovely lady who came along to the first Tea Dance event alone. We had a few partner dances together and the whole crowd had a few group dances together ran by Jayne. The lady stated to me at the end of the day that she was very nervous coming alone, and without a partner, yet she was really happy that she did persuade herself to come along as she didn’t feel at all alone as there was always someone to dance with, whether being a new dance partner or in the group dances and that she had indeed made some new friends whilst there which she met up with on the next 2 Tea Dance days! These kinds of conversations make me exceptionally happy to be a part of such a special event and a part of such a special team of passionate people! It shows that even if the dancing and music doesn’t get you up on your feet, you can still have a lovely social day out with people who come along for similar reasons!

Being able to dance with anyone and everyone at anytime of the day is such a feeling and I cannot wait for the next 8 events so I can carry on this fabulous journey of community and social dancing as well as meeting back up with all the lovely guests I have danced with over the 3 months of Tea Dance.

Through being a part of the Plymouth Dance event and team I have been lucky enough to have training in Dance for Parkinson’s and Dance for Dementia and it is a lovely added bonus to the days when you can chat and dance with a person who may not find it as easy as others to participate in a social dance event, yet know that because of the training I have been lucky enough to have through Plymouth Dance, there is now a previous barrier broken down a little more when dancing with some one who has Parkinson’s or Dementia. It is a beautiful connection being able to communicate with someone through movement.

I am hugely excited to get back in to the ‘swing’ of things and get back to dancing with the amazing team I am in, to have a dance with familiar guests and to meet some brand new dancers in the hall for 8 more fantastic days of dancing and music!

Can’t wait to see you on the dance floor!


Stacey Fowler | Student Practitioner

Tea Dance With a Twist! Tea dance twister



For more information about Novembers Tea Dance please click here.


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