Being a Volunteer With Plymouth Dance | Tammy Mildren

My Experience volunteering with Plymouth Dance has been the best experience I have experienced so far as I have learned so much both about myself as an individual and about the art sector itself.


I have been a Plymouth Dance Volunteer for two years so far and during this time I have volunteered with many different events that have happen for example I want part of the main team for both the iOrchestra and U.Dance 2015 which was held in Plymouth for the first time. Both of these events helped me to gain the skills I have to day as I was working with both the team and members of the public. During these event I had to escort people round Plymouth to different venues and ensure the safety of both the dancers and team as well as the safety of the public. I also was assisting people with filling in questionnaires and selling tickets for the iOrchestra performance.

I also more recently due to being on crutches and unable to dance I volunteered at two of the three Tea Dance With a Twist! events that were held at the Guild Hall in June, July and August. During this event I was taking peoples details and names as they came in and was also collecting the entry donations and as well as this I was also making sure people that travelled by busses had their travel reimbursed by giving them a free bus ticket (thanks Plymouth City Bus!). This event was amazing and so much fun it was lovely to see people from all walks of life and from very young generation to older generation as taking part and getting involved and having such a great time. I’m so happy that the Tea Dance With a Twist project will be continuing with the next one in November.


I am so glad to have been a part of all the events I have been involved with and so far I have volunteered a total of 258 hours I will also be continuing my volunteer work with Plymouth Dance and will be hopefully adding to these hours very soon.

As well as volunteering with different events I also got chance to complete various training for both these events and for future events so far I have completed creative consultation, marketing, social media and PR training as well as self employment training and time management as well as this I completed in my first year volunteering Project management training and Time management again as well as child protection and hospitality and customer service training. I also did my level 2 first aid in the workplace course and Youth dance leaders day and dance in the city training for the U.Dance event I also did social media and networking training.


I am very much looking forward to continuing my training and volunteering with Plymouth Dance this coming year and hopefully for the many years to come. I would to thank them for all the help and support and opportunities they have given me over the past two years.



Tammy Mildren | Plymouth Dance Volunteer




For more information about becoming a Plymouth Dance Volunteer please contact Gemma Smith

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