Being a PD Volunteer – Lydia Baldchin

I have had an amazing time volunteering for Plymouth Dance. I am grateful to be able to get an opportunity where I can connect with other awesome dancers and companies as well as the public within the dancing industry. Being a part of the volunteer program I have had the chance to communicate more with dance contacts in my local area and have started to network my own experience of dance.

Tea Dance-11

Image by Kevin Clifford

So far I have developed the knowledge in subjects of importance to me within being a Dance Leader. They include breaking down the meaning of Child Protection such as how to work with children going through a difficult time, to giving them a safe environment for socialising and dancing. Part of this session included how to Safeguard myself and the community that I am working within. Also I have learnt how to Market myself as a dancer and help Advertise different projects by sharing posts through social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. One of the creative classes that I took with Plymouth Dance was with ‘Encounter arts’, together as a team we learnt how to capture our own memories in an artistic way and how to present the idea to the public.


Recently in my journey with Plymouth Dance I have had the wonderful opportunity to get involved with a project called ‘Tea Dance with a Twist’ where I have gained work experience within the dance industry. This project is to support people over 50 with their health and well-being, to raise awareness of disability, Parkinson’s, Dementia and any other medical condition. It’s about bringing the community of all ages together to support one another and celebrate the benefits of dance. At the beginning we started fundraising for the project, I put my new skills to the test and helped with regularly advertising across social media as well as chatting personally to people and my own family and friends. The first event was on the 18th June and it was successful with a good turnout from the public. We had really good feedback from the people that attended and everybody enjoyed themselves. I had a lovely time speaking to the older generation about their memories of dance over a cup of tea and a slice of cake, I also learnt some classic dance moves of ballroom whilst listening to a live dance band called ‘Metropolis Swing- Quartet’. I have also built on my personal skills of self-confidence with communicating to the public. I am looking forward to the next event on the 16th July and then the 13th August hopefully the project will lead us into more events and workshops within the near future.

Tea Dance-09

I have really enjoyed my experience so far through socialising with dancers of different ages and abilities. I have built upon my transferable skills and l am starting to learn how to work within the dancing environment. I look forward to a future with Plymouth dance and being involved with their exciting projects and gaining more knowledge and experience.


Lydia Baldchin

Plymouth Dance Volunteer

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