What next for PD Volunteers?

This is always an interesting time of year, we’ve almost finished this years programme for our lovely volunteers and it’s time for me to reflect on the wonderful support they have given us over this year and also think about what next?

Tea Dance-23

We’ve been spoilt in the last two years with a really strong group of volunteers who have fully engaged and involved themselves in every project and opportunity that we have requested of them (or they have asked for)  It’s at this time of year we have to start thinking about recruiting our next team and this is exciting but also challenging.  Often those that make great volunteers are already busy and committed to other things which makes giving more time tricky.  And finding people can be another challenge; looking in the right places and getting the word out all over can be hard to do with a small team. We have great connections with the University, colleges and lots of arts and voluntary organisations  but getting a new cohort together definitely takes time.

The other exciting part of the next step is designing what our next programme of opportunities will look like.  Our volunteers have the chance to experience a whole range of really useful arts based training opportunities provided by members of our team but also from some really brilliant partner organisations.  In the past this has ranged from project management and child protection to marketing and creative consultation.  An important part of this programme is the ability to listen to our volunteers and establish what they would like to know more about, how they wish to develop and what skills they want to have as well as ensuring what is on offer is a good range of transferrable skills that can be used in other employment going forwards.

I look forward to the next steps with anticipation and excitement, who knows what will happen next and who we will meet!

If you are interested in volunteering with Plymouth Dance contact Gemma on – volunteering@plymouthdance.org.uk.



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