Plymouth Dance Volunteer- Nathan Matthews

NathanI have recently joined the Plymouth Dance Volunteering Programme and I have learnt so much already. I’m very thankful that I have this opportunity to learn about the importance of the subjects that I have been exposed to.

Throughout my time with the volunteers I have learnt about;

  • Creative Consultation with Encounter Arts – They work with the public and use art in an intimate and creative way towards communities. We focused on the older generation to draw out memories through art and creativity to develop the consultation Plymouth Dance did with the over 50’s.
  • I have learned about Social Media and Marketing focusing on social sites such as Twitter,Facebook and Instagram which could really help advertise and promote your work within Dance and Theatre and the projects/ performances you may be involved in. How it can connect with a Company you may have founded and sending images to your social media sites to promote and to post regularly so you get noticed etc. We also learnt about how important emails are to contact professionals and learning about how the venues and box office works when performing at a venue.
  • Child protection was an important subject covered by Claire Summers that expertly delivered a lecture on how to work with children who may be experiencing a dark time at home. we looked at how to safeguard the young people and ourselves and why this is so important. I gain knowledge on how the community and professional dance differ but can be similar in how you deliver both and what the elements are within both types of dance. To keep your accounts private from children you teach or are in workshops/ projects with etc.
  • I have really enjoyed the most recent volunteer’s talk we have had with Fin from Plymouth University, speaking about self-employment and the importance of being a freelancer and what you can get out of it; the range of having a steady income doing workshops and projects to being in a company and being contracted on a set salary.
  • I have also learnt about business planning and expenses when spending within a company and a freelancer, partnerships with a company and having that flexibility in a self-employed position.
  • I recently was involved with Dance with Parkinson’s which was organised by People Dancing in partnership with Plymouth Dance. The session included teaching a group with Parkinson’s and how to teach with chairs and being a group/unity through dance and communication. I took part as a volunteer and was lucky to experience how the whole day was structured and how friendly and open minded everyone was which was great.

I have learnt so much this year being a Volunteer for Plymouth Dance and have networked frequently with artists and people in the community, I hope to keep volunteering and keep learning and building up my experience and meeting people.

Nathan 2

Nathan Matthews

PlymouthDance Volunteer and Plymouth University Graduate


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