Two for tea?

So the main part of my role at Plymouth Dance is to rope our lovely pool of volunteers into lots of projects and events.  I also spend time looking for other opportunities for them to help out other arts partners in the city or at events where bodies are needed.  It can be a challenging role, volunteering is after all voluntary!…so sometimes despite being super amazing the volunteers are busy with other commitments and performances and this means I have to always be on the lookout for people to support us and join the team.


Two of our volunteers having fun at a Creative Consultation training session.

Over the last month I have mostly been focussing on Tea Dance With a Twist! (TDT!) a project where we need LOTS volunteers to support people in getting together and having a nice time dancing, drinking tea, eating cake and being around live music, people and dance.  The project is going to be really fun and potentially will kickstart lots of other similar events as well.  To support TDT! there is currently a Crowdfunder and I was able to spend some time this month making the film to promote the Crowdfunder and working towards recruiting a team of volunteers to come and take part in the event too.

My role can be very varied and I can go between looking for people to support and outdoors festival, to backstage crew, to marketing support, event hosts to historical experts.  In exchange we develop opportunities and training for the volunteers to extend their own skills and grow, it’s really exciting to see how members of the team really flourish over the  time they volunteer with us and I am excited to see what TDT! will bring to the mix!

Gemma Ward

Volunteer Coordinator

If you would be interested in joining our wonderful team of volunteers please contact Gemma by emailing 



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