Independent Living Zone Stands Avalible

Tea Dance With a Twist! – The Independent Living Zone

Tea Dance with A Twist! (TDWT) is a community social dance event which will take place from 1-4pm on Sat 18th June, Sat 16th July and Sat 13th August at Plymouth Guildhall. The target audience for this project is the over 50’s and most specifically those who are at risk of social isolation and who may have health and wellbeing needs preventing them from participating in a lot of social activity.

Tea Dance with a twist!

We have an estimated footfall at the events of between 300-500 member of the public of all ages. This calculation is based on a previous event we organized at a similar time and day in the City Centre. The event will be extremely well publicized and marketed through some of our key supporters (Plymouth City Bus, Plymouth Community Homes Residence Groups and the Dementia Action Alliance partners to name a few).

Tea Dances with a Twist! - Photo 2

We see these events as a gateway to help signpost over 60’s who are not already engaged to local services or other more regular activities. A major part of the project being about working in partnership with other organisations and service providers in the city to improve visibility and knowledge of their offer resulting in the improved physical and mental health and social engagement of the over 60’s in Plymouth.

Independent Living Zone

We are looking for unique, local businesses and organisations to be a part of TDWT. Each Tea Dance will have a maximum of 12 stands positioned on each side of the mezzanine. The Vintage Tea Room will be beyond this meaning people will need to pass through this area to access their ‘free’ tea or coffee.  The cost of a stand at one of these events is £50.

Although the Tea Dance is open to anyone wanting to attend we will be targeting the following groups making this an ideal opportunity for anyone looking to engage with anyone in these groups:

  • People with Dementia
  • People with Parkinsons
  • People over 50
  • People with disabilities
  • People living in social isolation
  • Plymouth Community Homes Residents

Tea Dance PosterA4

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