Screen Shot So Far

Today I had a meeting with Fotonow to start formatting the photos ready to put them together for the screens around Plymouth. We had already picked 6 images from two of four collections so we started by duplicate the photos and putting them in order then we resized the images and cropped them to fit with each screen size we the also pick 6 more images for one of the other collections and also put them together with the other and resize them too. We also add title slides and created a master slide that had all the logos of the other parties that are involved in creating the exhibition.

Image of Tammy and Rachel by Fotonow

Image of Tammy and Rachel by Fotonow

We now need to pick 6 photos from the last collection and then resize them and put them together in the slide show along with the title slide and we need to add the credits to each collection. Then we need to send the slide show of to each of the organisation that is working with us to get their approval before we send it to the screens around Plymouth.

Tammy Mildren